50 “Healthy” Ways to Use Twitter

Widespread acceptance of social media has affected how businesses and individuals use Twitter for public health purposes. Even the government has gotten into the act, with different governmental agencies using Twitter to gain interest in their various projects. While some writers, such as Phil Baumann, have noted Twitter’s efficiency as a health tool and have shown how health “Tweets” need to maintain certain standards, we’ve built a list for you that offers 50 healthy ways to use Twitter with links to the actual resources so you can begin immediately to prove Twitter’s worth as an effective tool in your life.

The following list ranges from health alerts to nutrition and fitness to general news and information about various diseases and prevention measures. The links for this list lead directly to the Twitter page that focuses on that topic. Some links lead to official government Twitter pages while others lead to businesses, magazines or other authoritative resources on any given topic.

If you decide that certain Twitter resource isn’t for you, you can conduct a search at Listorious or Twellow to find other resources. For instance, if you want to find more resources for “Yoga,” simply type that term into either Twitter search engine to find more yoga resources.

DisastersHealth Alerts

You might be the paranoid type, or you may simply want to know about drug and consumer product recalls as soon as they occur, weather that may affect you or how to be prepared for an emergency. If so, Twitter is the place to get quick updates about all these alerts:

  1. Get immediate flu updates from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) or from Flu.gov.
  2. Learn quickly about product safety alerts and recalls from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  3. As an iGuard user, you can receive alerts about your medicines.
  4. If you’re not an iGuard user, you still can receive the latest drug information.
  5. Stay on top of food and drug recalls from the FDA.
  6. Follow the latest in emergency preparedness for disease detection.
  7. Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed about disasters in your area.
  8. Get timely messages from an emergency notification system.
  9. Dive into health and medical alerts on a daily basis.
  10. Stay on top of severe weather and be prepared to handle everything from tornado warnings to hurricane season and from ice storms to other severe seasonal weather.
  11. Learn about any disaster alerts in your area that concern weather or other natural disasters.


If you want to learn how to handle food safely, about what to eat at restaurants that might be healthy or how to cook healthy at home, the following Twitter users can lead you in the right direction. You also can learn about raw food, slow food and the foods that triathletes crave.

  1. Learn how to handle food properly.
  2. Learn how to eat healthy at restaurants.
  3. Make healthier decisions.
  4. What the dish on raw and super foods?
  5. If you want to try the slow food revolution, here’s your chance.
  6. Understand nutrition and how it affects your health.
  7. Brush up on food safety, healthy recipes and sustainable agriculture.
  8. Learn about daily healthy recipes.
  9. Try a no-diet weight loss solution with food swaps.
  10. Have fun with sustainable living, cooking and recipes.
  11. Learn about triathlete nutrition for running, cycling and swimming.

FitnessGet Fit

Are you into running, cycling, yoga or weight lifting? There are Twitter users who can help you out with tips and advice. You also can learn about fitness for women, for men and find a personal trainer.

  1. Get tips on all sports such as swimming, running, yoga and more.
  2. Get specific tips for women’s fitness.
  3. Men can pick up on fitness tips, too.
  4. Build some muscle tone.
  5. If you’re into running, you can find tips for beginners to experts.
  6. Maybe cycling is your sport.
  7. Keep an eye on crossfit 101, from nutrition to power lifting.
  8. Get inspiration for your triathlon obsessions.
  9. Learn how to build endurance and stay healthy.
  10. Stay fit for the surf with real surf buffs.
  11. Follow a wide range of yoga blogs.
  12. Follow the advice of a personal trainer.

Health NewsGet Information

One healthy way to use Twitter is to find information about various diseases or health problems such as addictions, anxiety or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD), heart problems and cancer. You also can learn how to donate a kidney or how to help heal a child’s smile.

  1. Obesity news for professionals is at your fingertips.
  2. Brush up on breast cancer news.
  3. Learn more about medicine daily.
  4. Learn how to fight diabetes.
  5. Learn about 100 types of arthritis and related conditions.
  6. Live healthier with tips on how to prevent heart disease.
  7. You can learn about all types of addictions on Twitter.
  8. Autism in young children is a favorite topic…
  9. …as is the Aspergers community.
  10. How about donating a kidney?
  11. Learn how you can heal a child’s smile.
  12. Gain insight into mental health research.
  13. Get tips on eating disorders, anxiety issues, PTDS and other emotional and mental health issues.
  14. Stay up to date on health technology issues.
  15. Connect with others seeking healing resources.
  16. Gather health and wellness information along with preventative tips and tools.
Posted by Samantha Reno
on Jun 03, 2010

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