Whats the Average Salary With an MPH (Masters in Public Health)?

A master’s in public health (MPH) gives the graduate job openings in both the public and private sector. The average salary that you earn will depend upon your employer, medical job title, medicine specialty, work experience, and region. Administrative positions that come with experience bring with them better pay packages.

Four common specialties with different responsibilities and payscales are given below –

• Behavioral Science/Health Education – Educate people on how to stay prepared for disasters and spread awareness on health and safety issues.

• Biostatistics – Predict health trends based on statistical calculations so that large-scale outbreaks can be pre-empted.

• Environmental Health – Learn about the connection between health and environment. The focus is on waste management, air pollution, water quality, etc.

• Epidemiology – Learn about the causes of illnesses and measures to stop them from spreading. You will be responsible for coming up with plans and strategies to counter epidemics.

Some of the job titles associated with this degree include biomedical statistician; chronic disease epidemiologist; clinical trials analyst; director of environmental health; director of epidemiology program; director of industrial hygiene; director of municipal water treatment plant; genetics data analyst, etc. Beginners can expect to earn around $44.3K per annum. With up to four years of experience, the figure can touch $49K. The states of Massachusetts and California pay MPH degree holders better than what they would earn in Florida and Georgia. Self-employed MPH degree holders and those employed on contract earn better than their counterparts working in non-profits and foundations.

Conditions such as malaria and AIDS that are globally present, hygiene issues and pressures on the civic infrastructure in cities, companies realizing the financial benefits in being environmentally conscious, are factors that are boosting career opportunities for public health officials. Environmental degradation and the impact of a potential terrorist episode on society are important factors that public health officials have to consider and new job opportunities are actually being driven by these concerns.

Best Online Master in Public Health Degree Programs

Kaplan University
Master in Public Health
MPH in Epidemiology
MPH in Health Education
MPH in Program Dev.
Kaplan University » Kaplan University's Master of Public Health degree program prepares students for health-care careers in governmental, nonprofit, and private organizations. The convenient, online program teaches students how to analyze and apply scientific research, prepare public health policies, develop health education programs, and review the impact of occupational and environmental factors, offering specializations in epidemiology, health education, and program development.
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Grand Canyon University
Master in Public Health
Grand Canyon University » The Master in Public Health at Grand Canyon University has a dynamic curriculum designed for students passionate about community health and the prevention of disease. Courses both survey and provide in-depth analysis of public health concepts, including the psychological, behavioral, cultural, and social interactions of health among populations. Students can be expected to also study epidemiology and biostatistics.
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Walden University
Master in Public Health
MPA in Health Policy
Walden University » The Walden University Master of Public Health degree program prepares graduates to fill the increasing need for health professionals that must understand the development of healthy individuals, organizations, and communities. The program provides core study in the public health field with world-class professors and and interactive curriculum. For students with an interest in public administration, Walden also offers an MPA in health policy.
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